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We made asics gel excite 8 it to the start line with 50 minutes to spare. It was pretty quiet. Stephanie, Dre, Carlee and I started to wonder how many runners there actually would be. My bib was 266, so I joked that perhaps only 300. Hmmm, sad part is I was almost spot on. There was about 303 runners in total. Yikes. Not to mention, perhaps 25 or so of those spots were giveaways of some sort. Again with the pictures, ASICS rocking peeps only. Carlee and I were asked again to come to the front, this time to the start line and do a jumping pic, but hey we weren't wearing ASICS! LOL. Ok, I had a tank on, I had made some last minute effort and found a clearance tank to wear to the race. So they took an upper body shot and found ASICS friendly runners.

One little boy asked, "So all these people are going to run up that hill?" His dad said "Yup. I thought this would be a good point for us to come cheer them on", it was the base of mile 9.4. He was certainly right. So here it is people (I know this is a super duper long recap). Yes, I feel they missed some novablast huge opportunities to make this race spectacular. Their lack of friendly service at some points, signage, and inclusiveness made this inaugural race seem more of a small town effort rather than a big company with experience sponsoring big tie races. Yet, after talking to volunteers, photographers, locals, and even witnessing the "behind the scenes" happenings I conclude that any runner not in ASICS was basically fill in, like extras in asics gel lyte v a movie to make the promo videos look great for next year.

It came across as this year being their effort to create the PR for going big next year, or so I hope. Would I do it again? I can't say no, but there would be different expectations. I would obviously go with friends, decide to almost walk the race and take goofy pics along the way, do all the workouts and yoga offered, and drink. Would I pay $250 for it? Hmmmm again for a runner who does not run in ASICS, that's a hard one. Biggest question, would I recommend the race? Yes and no. If you want to have a fun girls weekend of drinking, good weather, and pretty vineyards with a race thrown in for the hell of it, then go ahead. It will be your thin reebok dmx g regardless if they improve anything. If you expect to see equitable customer service, well organized (signs and all volunteers knowing what the heck is gong on) events and a safer course, then I would say this is not the race for you.

At that point, create your own girls weekend in Napa, go out for a training run in town, drink and daring buy yourself some shoes you will love. It would be cheaper. This is one of those races that has the potential to be so much more than what it was, to be more than just a big long social media commercial filming for next year when I feel the prices will go up. I'm sad that it wasn't more, but you know what I still had a great time. It was just the perfect little 24 hr getaway with some pretty rockin' women. Expensive as hell? Yes! Yet, I wouldn't take anything back because I got to laugh, drink and heck I got a whole bed to myself without a 2 year putting a foot in my face. That alone might make me the biggest winner of the entire weekend!

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