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The color combo works for kardigany me. While I'd like to see a little more white mixed in, it totally does its job for a road jersey. This is exactly where I had them in my rankings so I have no issue with them being here. The gloves, socks, shorts and sweater all match in terms of striping and layout so that's another plus. It loses a little for me with the lettering across the chest. With a name that long, it'd be better suited using the very attractive EC Eagle logo that appears on the shorts. It's not a bad look, just not one of the better ones.We all know I'm not a huge fan of generic looking.

Now, there's a story to this logo that I love. The PC crowd took over and went around scalping any teams with what they perceived as ethnic stereotype logos or mascots. Take a look kardiganu at the Cleveland Indians doing away with Chief Wahoo. Guilford's community rallied around this one and kept it as a sign of respect. But that doesn't make me like it any more from a visceral stand point. We have to avoid judging the goalie setup in the picture we used because kardigany damskie that's actually pretty sweet. I think more than anything else the writing just gets lost on me. I like bold clear lettering, i.e.

Glastonbury has that sweet Tomahawk logo. Throw a couple of those bad boys on there and we'll be all set. This ranking is way too low for these. Their road blues are sweet as well!I like these but don't love these. The grey diagonal writing works but the big block grey stripe going along the bottom of the jersey seems a bit bulky. I think it basically comes down to there being much better red sweaters across kardigan z kapturem the state. The biggest issue I see with these is the unmatched sock striping. Pair those with the striping on the sweater and I think this look is a bit more uniform. Their home duds are better.

Throw some neck ties on this one and it'd be much stronger. The gold and white bars at the bottom of the sweater clash a bit and get lost. I think there are far worse sweaters out there but the voters have spoken.The one thing NFI has going for them that many ranked this low don't is an awesome combined co-op logo. That logo is a plus. The rest of the uniform is super inconsistent. The white and red vertical bars on the sleeve are way too short. If NFI found a way to take their horizontal sock stripe look and put them on the sleeves, these unis would be much better.

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